Inside Asia Podcast

A Case for Conscious Capitalism (w/ Andrew Hewitt)

April 13, 2020

My guest this week is Andrew Hewitt, founder of GameChangers 500, an organization bent on identifying and ranking global organizations looking to make a difference. Andrew and his GameChanger colleagues have come to believe, and I quote, “that the profit-at-all-cost model just isn’t working,” end quote.

Many of our listeners know, this is a subject near and dear to the heart. The world is coming to realize that the Earth is resource limited. The party is dwindling, and if, as a race, we hope to survive and thrive, change is essential.

Essential, indeed. But unfortunately, not inevitable. For that, we need to do some heavy lifting. Some say only the private sector with its vast resources, top talent and eye on innovation can lead that change.

But making the leap from profit- to purpose-driven is no easy task. No one knows this better than Andrew Hewitt. In our conversation he shares many of the ups and downs that come with being on the front lines of a purpose-driven movement.