Inside Asia Podcast

Asia’s Balancing Act (w/ Frank Lavin)

April 9, 2020

My guest this episode is Frank Lavin, former Citibank executive, US Ambassador to Singapore, and the Founder and Chairman of ExportNow, a business designed to deliver US-brand products to China. 

Frank and I spoke at the outset of the pandemic. Since then, things have grown worse. Markets are volatile, trade is disrupted, and cities the world over are in varying stages of lockdown. Our conversation is an attempt to pull back momentarily in order to reflect on some of the broader trends that inform Asia’s prospects in the medium- to long-term.

How long the crises will continue is anyone’s guess. But make no mistake, the world will be forever changed because of it. Without becoming Covid-19 centric, we hope – in coming episodes - to touch on the virus’ impact. How will a post-Covid world re-balance global power? What’s the anticipated impact on consumer behavior? Will corporations find in this moment an opportunity to change its practices and adapt to a new set of rules? I hope you'll join us.

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