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Asia’s Turning or Tipping Point? (w/ Cindy Hook)

November 2, 2021

At this very moment, representatives from some 197 nations have arrived in Glasgow, Scotland to discuss prospects for net zero carbon emissions by mid-century. The so-called COP26 gathering represents a pivotal moment and a real test of the world’s ability to cooperate in the face of climate risk.

The consequences of doing nothing are severe. Wild swings in climate patterns causing forest fires in the U.S. and floods in Europe all point to one thing. And that is, unless we act – and act now – the world will soon become a far less hospitable place. I’m talking about melting glaciers, rising sea levels, declining fish populations, widespread drought and mass migration of people fleeing famine and pestilence.

OK, hold on, that’s all a bit too dark. But if this Old Testament imagery moves you…even a little…it’s time to take up the cause and pressure those that can make a difference, to make a difference!

Asia is at the epicenter of this ecological sea change, and here to talk about it is Cindy Hook, CEO of Deloitte Asia Pacific. Cindy and her colleagues have recently released a new report, entitled Asia Pacific’s Turning Point: How Climate Action Can Drive Our Economic Future. It’s a provocative piece of research that quantifies the risks the region faces in doing nothing to counter the impending effects of Climate Change.

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