Inside Asia Podcast

Asian Contagion (w/ Ben Rolfe)

November 1, 2019

In this week’s episode I’m in conversation with Ben Rolfe, CEO of the Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance. While most of us are out and about, getting on with living and working, a small but essential group of researchers are watching the way we live and work; studying disease patterns and contemplating the odds of epidemics.

Communicable diseases come in all shapes and sizes. And while many are encouraged by human activity relating to how we eat, greet, wash and copulate, others are more insidious. But here’s some good news. Malaria is in retreat. That right. One of the world’s most debilitating mosquito-born diseases is whistling its swan song throughout much of Asia. China, it appears, hasn’t had a case in three consecutive years. And other emerging markets like Myanmar are seeing such vast reductions that it too hopes to declare victory in just a few short years. And It’s Ben’s goal is to create a malaria-free Asia by 2030.