Inside Asia Podcast

Eric Rosenkranz Part I: Incubating Startups

May 1, 2017

This episode I’m in the offices of one of Singapore’s original start-up “incubators” in conversation with Eric Rosenkranz.

Some listeners are going to know him already. Eric is Founder and Chairman of e.three, a strategic advisory that helps companies of all sizes on how to grow.

Powerfully insightful, brilliantly articulate, uniquely generous in taking me into the inner workings of his thinking and the work he does, Eric has had a most remarkable—and in a way improbable—career. He rose through the ranks of one of the world’s great advertising agencies and then threw it all in to dedicate himself to Asian start-ups.

It wasn’t the path he imagined for himself. But then, unexpectedly, he found himself brought on by an unlikely Chinese entrepreneur to help secure a listing on NASDAQ. What happened next is the stuff of start-up legend.

For most everyone else, that would have been a crowning achievement of a storied career. But not for Eric. Instead, he pivoted and turned toward start-ups. Since then he’s mentored, funded, and advised scores of young Singapore companies in search of the dream.

This is not a conversation you will want to miss. It’s absorbing and entertaining and, yes, it ends with there being more to say. Here’s the good news—there’s a part two that’s waiting for you and free to download and share. Subscribe to the podcast here on iTunes and to our Inside Asia Newsletter here and never miss an episode.