Inside Asia Podcast

Risky Business (w/ Dane Chamorro)

March 15, 2020

This week I’m in conversation with Dane Chamorro, senior partner at Control Risks. The firms charter is to help organizations succeed in a volatile world, and nothing has created volatility more than the Coronavirus.

Some of our listeners might recall the conversation I had with Ben Rolfe, in November last year. In the first half of our discussion, we celebrated his organization’s efforts to combat and largely eradicate malaria in the region. But we also discussed the inevitable rise of other infectious and contagious diseases. It’s a spooky harbinger of the dawning of Covid-19.

We spoke again in February. This time from an isolation chamber at the Singapore Center for Infectious Diseases. Ben reached out while in confinement telling me how he had returned from a trip to Thailand, and not feeling well, presented himself to the authorities. From his hospital bed, he shares with us his front-line experience and the Singapore response to the outbreak. A week later, he was released. Hundreds of others haven’t been so lucky.

That was a month ago. Since then Coronavirus has run rampant and just days ago, the World Health Organization declared the virus a global pandemic. As other news services generate updates on the spread of the disease, government response, and ways to prevent and protect one’s self, we plan to offer our listeners a number of unique perspectives on the broader implications of the pandemic.

I kick off this episode’s conversation by asking Dane to characterize “risk” as it related to corporate and government decision-making.