Inside Asia Podcast

Sustainable Talent (w/ Jeanne Ng)

October 28, 2021

As climate countdown continues apace, we look this week at a central bottleneck – that if not addressed – could confound even the best intentions. I’m talking about talent, and the tens of thousands of sustainability-related jobs that will go unfilled in coming years unless the public and private sector line up to address the problem.

One woman is doing something about it. Dr. Jeanne Ng is Chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Qualified Environmental Professionals. She and her colleagues are bent on transforming Hong Kong into a center of excellence in professional environmental services. And not solely as a defence against climate disaster, but as a way of accelerating research and innovation to transform business and the economy.  

To get there, both government and private sector must step up and support the training, development, and hiring of people with new skill sets for a new era. This means expanding Sustainability programs at Universities, creating accreditations through professional institutes, and encouraging companies to create roles and career paths to hone that expertise.

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